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3 Free Videos for Kids + Book Offer!

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These three delightful tales are intended to help spark enjoyment of reading in the youngest children, pre-K to grade 3. The free, high definition, animated versions of each story are YouTube videos that can be watched full-screen on a computer, HDTV, tablet or other mobile device.

Each story is a little more challenging for your child to absorb

Note: No purchase necessary to view the videos

The Free Videos

The Books

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“Why Snow Avoids the Desert” is composed of very simple words and images that will have even the youngest children laughing at the plight of the snowflakes.

Why Snow Avoids the Desert - cover

$6.25...Buy Why Snow Avoids The Desert

Paperback, 8.25" x 6", 26 total pages


“Must Be a Cat!”, narrated by the author, introduces simple rhyming verses and expands the vocabulary. Can your child think of other things cats must do?

Must Be a Cat! - cover

$6.50...Buy Must Be A Cat

Paperback, 8.25" x 6", 32 total pages


“Stable Relationships” presents an extensive cast of barnyard characters. The rhyme is a jaunty sing-along and children will also love imitating the many animal sounds.

Stable Relationships - cover

$6.95...Buy Stable Relationships

Paperback, 8.25" x 6",40 total pages


Or Get All Three Stories In One Book!

Supplement the free Berrytoons video series with this collection of the three stories under one whimsical book cover.

(Click on the cover for a larger view)

3 stories front cover

$19.98...Buy Stable Relationships

Paperback, 8.25" x 6", 101 total pages


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